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there is a God and I am so blessed.

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yepp. i was right. 

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It’s sooo bad that I’m always reminded…. :(

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Everyone has favorites but it’s okay to not be someone else’s favorite. That doesn’t mean you can’t have them as your favorite and treat them like a favorite. Hahaha. If there’s one thing I learned over the past week months, is that the way you treat someone shouldn’t be based off the way they treat you. The whole equality system doesn’t work and it shouldn’t be used. No matter what, you should treat the other person like how your heart wants you to. Just because they didn’t go the extra mile for you, doesn’t mean you can’t go the extra mile for them. Eventually they’ll step back and realize how good of a friend you were. And good friends are the ones who are there for you regardless of how you treat them. Stay strong and pray about it, Lina .

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summer to do list 2014 

-visit the museum of science and industry

-visit the shedd aquarium 

-visit the field museum

-visit the planetarium 

-visit navy pier 

-taste of chicago

-food truck fest

-tragus pierced 


-color run

-bike the drive? 

-volunteer at some sort of run




-bonfire (sausagessss, yummmm)

-margie’s candies

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twentyforteen is going to be the year.

"this year i am going to be happy, i am going to make myself happy." - ross geller

wise words from one of my favorites. 

i didn’t know if i was going to post new years resolutions this year… but after some contemplation, i decided that i didn’t write them down, there was no way i was going through with them… soo without further ado, here’s my list of things i will attempt to do in the next 365 days to come. 

1. be more determined.

if there is one thing i wish i had, it would be determination. its definitely a word i used a lot in college applications and resumes, but did i really mean it? i guess i didn’t. LOL. i honestly didn’t realize the true meaning of determination until college, which might have been a tad late. but hey, better late than never! anyways, i’m not saying that i don’t have any determination at all… i’m just saying that I personally don’t think i have enough of it to consider myself a determined person. take a look at all the new years resolutions that i have been making for the past, i don’t know how many years… I dont think i’ve accomplished anything on those lists. LOLOL. sad, huh? well, i think the worst part is that i used to think it was easy to be determined. Just stick through with it and you’re fine! nopeee. being determined is soo hard. it takes that self-control WHILE you’re in the act to make sure you stay determined. It’s soo easy to say or think that you’ll be determined to do something, but when you’re actually doing it, giving up is just so much easier. With that said, this year I am going to be more determined. I’m going to start setting little goals for myself and constantly reminding myself of what I really want and what is important to me. It’s that determination that’s going to get me what I want in life and it starts with the determination to finish this resolution list and actually accomplishing it. 

2. be a better friend

be a better friend lina. be a better friend. i know i’m not the worse friend out there, but am i really a good friend? I realize that i get annoyed of people really easily and sometimes i take for granted the nice acts of kindness that these people have done for me. it’s really a bad habit of only caring about being happy myself and not other’s feelings. Once again, college has shown me that be best thing you can do for someone, is be a good friend even when they’re not. It’s easy to fall into that trap of ‘well, if they’re not a good friend, then i won’t be either’. uhh…NO. that’s not like how you should be at all. I look back and reflect on some of the people in my life who have been good friends to me. they were the ones who were always there regardless of how i was to them. been there for the ups and most importantly, the downs. Along with being a good friend calls for learning how to forgive and forget. Holding grudges in relationships are sooo bad. trust me, i have learned. if you hold on to everything that has happened in the past, you’re not giving them a chance to try again and be the friend that you so loved having before it all happened. Don’t hold grudges. everyone deserves a second chance and there has to be a reason why you were friends with them in the first place. :) be a better friend, lina. always be there and learn to forgive and forget. 

3. let it be. 

there has to be a reason for everything and everything will be alright sooner or later. a nasty trait of mine that i so wish i didn’t possess would be over-worrying. sighh. i’m always soo guilty of that and it drives me crazy, causing me unnecessary stress. sometimes i just need to chill out and know that i’m not going through all this myself. I have friends, family, and Him. There has to be a plan for everything and everything will work out sooner or later. I just need to learn to be patient and wait for the right time. Not everything happens at the same time for everyone and not everyone can have the same things. Life is unfair and special in that way. It’s seriously a timeline of surprises. If it was soo predictable, would it be fun? nahhhhh. :) i just need to constantly remind myself that if i’m doing what i’m suppose to be doing and well, everything will fall into place. there’s nothing i should worry about if i’m doing what i need to be doing. stop trying to build your own kingdom lina, and instead, try to live in His. 

4. don’t be jealoussssss. 

this kind of goes along with the last one about knowing that there is a plan for everything and everyone. I need to focus on all the things that i have in myself and be super thankful of those. comparing myself to people isn’t good. well other than the fact that i’m a super competitive person and i tend to do better when i do compare myself to others…. but besides that… in other aspects of life such as looks and materialistic items. i should really be happy with what i have and make the most of that! being jealous is nooo good. remember, lina. when you’re jealous, you’re basically telling God that you don’t think what he has planned for you is right and that you know yourself better than he does. no need to be jealous, count your blessings guuurrrrlll :) 

that shall do it! those main 4 resolutions. of course there are a million little things that can branch from those 4 but ultimately if i stuck to those 4, everything will work out. I am so excited about these resolutions and i hope that I can stick to them. determination, tight? hahahha. but seriously, new years shouldn’t be the time where we decide to change our habits and how we should act. i think its good that a person continues to improve themselves throughout the year. anytime of the year is a good time to realize that there is room for change and its always the right time to change. doesn’t have to be new years for you to start new habits! 

well, thats all for now. peace out, girl scout! :)

ps. happy new years! 

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