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f.r.i.e.n.d.s emojis [insp.]

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there is a God and I am so blessed.

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yepp. i was right. 

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It’s sooo bad that I’m always reminded…. :(

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Tip to self.

Never get anything you don’t want 100 percent pierced. The pain is not worth it.

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leaning in 04/28/14

I went to an event today for the new book that everyone, especially women, have been talking about recently, lean in. It was a joint presentation with PwC targeted towards students who are entering the workplace, especially those who are female. I wasn’t expecting the event to be anything that elaborate. thought it was going to be a typical swb event with a few PwC reps and a powerpoint presentation. however, it was actually a panel that consists of both young grads from uiuc and more experienced people who have worked for PwC for quite some time now. Overall, it was a really informative event and I definitely learned a lot. Here are some of the tips that they touched on. I’m simply documenting this so they can stick with me for years to come as i enter the work place. 

  1. Adopt the mantra “Proceed and be bold”— what this simply means is that you should apply to jobs even if you don’t meet the criteria 100%. the statistic they showed us was that men apply for positions when they only meet 60% of the requirements while women only apply when they meet it 100% “who is going to get the job? the man who meets the requirements at only 60% or the woman who doesn’t apply at all?” think about it. you’ll never know until you try. also, you’ll learn when you try. doesn’t matter if you don’t know certain skills. tell yourself that you’re going to learn the material as you work, and trust me… you will. :) 
  2. Shift from “what do i get” to a “what can i offer” mindset— putting the company’s needs front and center is going to get you noticed. Look for opportunities to get ahead and make a good impression. 
  3. negotiate- wisely 
  4. break long term goals into short term
  5. sit at the table
  6. listen to your inner voice(s)
  7. don’t ask ‘will you be my mentor?”
  8. understand and challenge gender bias
  9. make your partner a real partner
  10. don’t leave before you leave. 


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summer to do list 2014 

-visit the museum of science and industry

-visit the shedd aquarium 

-visit the field museum

-visit the planetarium 

-visit navy pier 

-taste of chicago

-food truck fest

-tragus pierced 


-color run

-bike the drive? 

-volunteer at some sort of run




-bonfire (sausagessss, yummmm)

-margie’s candies

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